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How it all started


Ginger is about to finish a 4 year Buddhist teacher training course with her dear guru venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rimpoche, founder of the new Kadampa tradition.

Ginger believes that the Asana practice is a support for her meditation practice.

Ginger feels that she has received so much from her teachers and her desire is to share what has helped her to become a happy and healthy person.

Yoga helps to have a strong physical body but most important of all a calm mind.

She believes a happy and healthy life is everyone's wish that can become true.

Tomer is a physical therapist graduated from Tel-Aviv University He has been working in the Maccabi Healthcare system for more than 10 years. He recently obtained a specialization in scoliosis treatment.


His yoga journey started in 2010. Since the beginning,  he was thrilled by ashtanga yoga. Tomer became  Ginger's first student, they've been practicing and teaching together ever since.

Tomer studied his TTC with Doron Hanoch. Moreover, he assisted in the therapeutic iyengar classes of Zippy Wiener in 2016. Whilst in 2018 he assisted Eyal Chehanowski in the TTC.


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